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Observing Tropicbird Nests on Prickly Pear

Nature Explorers Anguilla provides a variety of tours to meet the needs of Anguilla's visitors and residents.  Excursions are limited to small numbers, providing an intimate and individually tailored look into the natural beauty of the island.

All tours are designed to make a minimal impact on the wildlife and ecosystems we observe. 

Nori Evoy of Anguilla-Beaches joined us for a tour and this is what she had to say about her time with Nature Explorers Anguilla!


Here are a few comments from our tour guests:

       "Just a few words to say a huge thanks for a truly wonderful experience.  Your tour was informative and enjoyable and we felt part of something very special when observing the baby terns. It is a very rare thing when you feel part of a living documentary."

       "I would love to go birding with you again and bring more of the family along.  Our trip was honestly one of the highlights of the trip for both..."

       "Jackie Thank you for a phenomenal morning...  Thank you for the photos as well.  I love them!!!"

       "Wanted to just say once again thanks for the bird watching excursion and island tour.  And for sending the photos, they're really special."

        "Thanks for doing such a great job and being so patient with us folks who are so obviously not "birders"!"