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Now Available - Nature Explorers
Wild Side Guide!


The Wild Side Guide is designed to be an easy to use reference to the most common bird species seen on Anguilla.

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Now On Our Wetlands!

Waterfowl, both resident and overwintering, are enjoying our wetlands!

Blue-winged Teal

Nature Explorers Anguilla

Nature Explorers Anguilla (NEA) is the first ecotourism company on Anguilla providing wildlife tours to the island's wetlands.  Formed in 2010, NEA provides an excellent opportunity for visitors and residents to experience the natural world of this island nation.

Whether a bird watcher, photographer, or a little bit of both, Nature Explorers Anguilla helps clients investigate beyond the island’s glorious beaches, and observe the less travelled areas rich with incredible flora and fauna.





The Latest Edition of The Salty Wing is now available!


To learn more about this edition, please visit our publications section by clicking here.